University Hospital Fundraiser

CBS grads for University Hospital Fundraiser!Congrats to D and Katie for another job well done organzing.They organized twenty CBS grads for University Hospital fundraiser with 1500 people. Have you ever done that? Whew lots of work and harder than it looks. Thank you for your efforts. I appreciate it.  Will

B Spot Burger

 Checking out B Spot BurgerHere I'm enjoying a B Spot burger. Have you ever had cheese burger with fried bologna? Yum, don't hate appreciate lol,old school. Yup you guessed it I washed it down with Wrong Island tea, double tasty.


Margaritaville Margaritaville

It's hard to imagine the laid-back attitude of Parrotheads in LV, but we tried. Went to "Jimmy's" place (all his Parrothead friends call him that) and, of course, we enjoyed always the always-popular Margarita!

More Patron Tequila Tasting

Molly & Rob at the Patron Tequila Tasting Patron Tequila

Here we go again, Cleveland's best and brightest mixologist President Rob Turek and Vice President Molly McSweeney of USBG Cleveland putting their heads together with Patron to create Tequila libations. Yummy! I had a good time tasting, glad I could help..LOL!

Patron Tequila Tasting

Patron Tequila Tasting at Landerhaven Three Patron Tequilas Molly McSweeney

This Tequila tasting was hosted by Patron held at Landerhaven Executive catering. It included master distiller and creator of Patron speaking. Its like hearing from tequila royalty. They put the bling in this affair. Three CBS grads mixed their favorite tequila drinks. Who knew Rosemary and Red Bell Pepper went together in Tequila. Molly is a 2008 graduate, mixologist and current Vice president of USBG Cleveland Chapter. Looking good Molly keep up good work!

Molly, William, and Rob Patron Tequila Tasting Chaz Bartending at the Patron Tequila Tasting

I like to call this pic bartender royalty. Will C. Director CBS for twenty years with 10,000 grads and counting. Rob T.1997 CBS grad, voted Cleveland's Best Bartender 2012, voted President USBG Cleveland and Molly M. 2008 grad currently Vice President USBG Cleveland. Im sure you'll agree, we all do..LOL
Let us not forget Chaz T. 2007 CBS grad currently works for Rock n Roll HOF through Landerhaven. You never know who'll you will meet bartending, three grads in one spot small world. Way to go guys and Molly, we're proud of you!


BrindaliersIts all in the name Brindaliers, these are three basic food groups lol or Cleveland sports teams. We re enjoying the smooth sounds of Alter Ego band and a tatsy libation of Vodka & Lemonade. The band was great and so was beverage!

Blue Canyon

Blue CanyonWe decided to change up our routine. We are out on Sunday in Twinsburg at Blue Canyon. I'm here enjoying a Dirty Martini extra cold and dirty. I like it filthy but thats another post . Lol! This place is a must visit, huge bar, and a few spacious dining rooms. I recommend going a couple times!

Cedar Creek Grill

Cedar Creek CosmoCedar Creek Grill, if i said it once, I've said three times now. Thats short for its good, I'm here slurping a Sex in the City favored Cosmo on saturday Evening in Beachwood, Ohio!

Flipside Bar & Grill

The Flipside Margarita Flipside Bar & Grill Menu

Another night out must be Friday. I'm out hobnobbing with Nate L. 2010 graduate at the Flipside Bar & grill on Saturday in Chagrin Falls.Oh..Its all in the name. I had the Flipside burger, fries and margarita. In racing that's called a tri fecta, triathalon ot tri good..Yum Yum. Looking good Nate keep up the good work, you make us proud!

Nate Bartending at Flipside Flipside Bar & Grill

Hall of Fame News

Bartending at the Hall of Fame D bartending

Well the best was saved for last. D received her check for her efforts at HOF inductee ceremony August 3rd. Job well done!

Crop Bistro & Bar

Crop Bistro & Bar Summertime Fizz Crop Drink Menu

The HONEY-DEW LIST, enjoyed at Crop Saturday evening at 9pm, the new banker hours. This is a remodeled bank building, it was huge, comfy and tasty. I wasn't done with just one libation. I also enjoyed the Crop SUMMERTIME good. If you were old enough to remember blop, blop, fizz, fizz on what a relief it is. Well its nothing like that, more like yum,yum,i'll have another. And another thing, like i said Bloody Mary's aren't just for Sunday, this one being enjoyed on Saturday evening.

Crop Bloody Mary Crop Bistro & Bar

Pro Football HOF

Hall of Fame Check

This was the second year we supplied bartenders for the annual inductee celebration. A blast and great time for everyone! SHOUTOUTS TO CBS's very own D instructor & Office asst. She was on her game, organizing fourty one alumni, transportation and handling staffing demands.Thank you to all who participated. Again thanks to D!