Angry Bull

The Angry Bull at Rummys

This ice cold Angry Bull is a mixture of Angry Orchard beer topped with a shot of Fireball whiskey. It tastes like autumn in Ohio! It was a cozy neighborhood bar with good comfort food. The regulars plan events together (annual golf outing), shots are half price when the Indians hit a homerun.

Its all in the name Angry Bull@ Rummy's..With a name that like it has to be good!

Hyde Park Grill

Hyde Park Grill

Kentucky Lemonade

Wanna know what else is good on a hot summer day besides Bourbon Tea? Kentucky Lemonade! You guessed it, the common spirit is bourbon. No matter where you get your bourbon either in Kentucky or Tennessee, its sure to be tasty and aged just right. Shown here at Hyde Park Grill, Beachwood, Ohio.

The Black Pig

The Black Pig Diageo Spirits rep  

Meet Joe D. Joe is a Diageo Spirits Representitive for hot Cleveland Ohio. Joe hosted a mixologist tasting and seminar and a nice addition to your spirit knowledge. This proves you can't start out as Joe unless you start as Cleveland Bartending School grad. You must know the rudimemts of mixology first. This was fun, knowlegeable and yummy. It was held at The Black Pig Grill on W 25th. Well said and well done Joe.

Swirl Wine Bar

Swirl Wine Bar Swirl Bourbon Cocktail

I was hot, thirsty and hungry, in that order so i stopped for a cold beverage. One of the most oftened ordered drinks on hot day is tea. So i did with a twist of lemon, Bourbon Tea. It's all in the name, Bourbon County Kentucky fav drink. Fill collins glass with ice, 2oz premium (bourbon,single barrel) will suffice, fill with water, garnish twist of lemon. Viola its great only if you repeat. Shown here at Swirl Wine Bar in Solon, Ohio on Saturday evening.

Flour Restaurant

Flour Restuarant in Moreland Hills, Ohio

I have great news for you Bloody Mary's arent just for Sunday, its Thursday afternoon, hot and I'm thirsty. What excuse do you need to enjoy one of the oldest libations known to mankind. Im here at Flour Resturant located in hot Moreland Hills, Ohio.

Our New Staff

Deshanae at the Lux in Akron, Ohio The Lux Nightclub in Akron, Ohio!

Leah working a private party!

Meet DaShanae "D" if you know her and Leah, Cleveland Bartending School's two newest insturctors. They are recent CBS grads and as you can see really nice looking! But don't let that distract you. They're A1 teachers as well..thats how they roll! "D" works at LUX nightclub Akron, Ohio and Leah is displaying her skills at a private function. Way to go girls!

Grads Voted Into USBG Chapter


Breaking news but no surprise, two of Cleveland Bartending School's best, finest, and future of mixology, Molly and Rob are active alums as you can see. They were just voted into office for the United States Bartenders Guild Cleveland chapter. Congrats to President Rob Turek and Vice President Molly McSweeney. Way to go, we're proud, they are proud! Thats how we roll!

The Little Bar

The Little Bar in Cleveland, Ohio Ian bartending at The Little Bar






Meet Ian M. or for short I'm a good bartender. He is a recent grad from CBS.this is Chagrin Falls newest hot spot. The Little Bar although there is nothing little about the quality, service or atmosphere.Try the Dirty Martini..

Birthday Cake Martini

Martini Menu

Staff out and about taking pics ooops working.This is new martini we found tasty, I cant claim credit, it was enjoyed by CBS staffer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Kent,Oh. Its all in the name Birthday cake martini..

Birthday Cake Martini


Social Club


Jameson and Sprite







Its a little late for this one, but I was enjoying Jameson, Sprite, with a lemon wedge. Keeping in spirit of ST PATTYS DAY at Social Club. Its all in the name..Before that it was FELT what a name..

Maggianos Italian Eatery

Maggianos Italian Eatery

Maggianos Italian Eatery,must be good because every resturant seems to go out of business next to it..LOL I had lasagna again with Bushmills,sprite and lemon twist very tasty combo...

Johnnys on Fulton


Johnny on Fulton not to be confused w Johnny's downtown.I prefer Fulton.You could drive by at not know you've passed a Cleveland fav and now mine.I hear they have a nice patio just in time..I recommend any fish and of course the classic dirty martini.