Absinthe Mixology

Absinthe Mixology Article 

Mere mention of the word “absinthe” conjures colorful imagery of a world gone by, a world filled with beauty, creativity, controversy and madness.

Originally crafted as a distilled folk medicine from the Swiss outback, absinthe emerged as a curious tonic of the rural Franco-Swiss culture. Having caught the fancy of an intrepid businessman who became enchanted with its powers, the commercial world was allowed to receive its first taste of the distinctive green spirit in 1805.

Throughout the 1800s, absinthe reigned as a defining icon of the Belle Époque in France (The Beautiful Era). Many an artist caught a glimpse of the world through absinthe-colored glasses, including the likes of Van Gogh, Manet, Degas, and Picasso.

Across the pond in the “little Paris” that we call “New Orleans”, the creoles were reveling in a café culture all their own at The Old Absinthe House located in the heart and soul of the French Quarter.

But like all good things, the bittersweet popularity of absinthe would come to a controversial end at the hands of those who stood to profit from its demise. Bad science, bad religion, and bad government would pin all societal problems not on the decadent culture that fostered them, but on the cloudy green national drink.

Almost a century later, armed with better science, strange religion, and sympathetic government, the few, the proud, the champions of all things absinthe have resurrected the Green Fairy and vindicated her from the accusations.
-- T. A. Breaux - Absinthe Historian / Chemist - Creator of Lucid, the first absinthe allowed into the USA after being banned for 95 years.

Top Ten Things to Know About Absinthe
1. Absinthe is a French word that means wormwood.
2. Absinthe is pronounced AB-sent.
3. Wormwood is an herb.
4. The oil in wormwood is called thujone.
5. Green Fairy is a nickname for absinthe. 6. La Fee Verte is French for Green Fairy.
7. Absinthe was banned in America in 1912 and practically worldwide by 1915.
8. Chemist and absinthe historian, Ted A. Breaux is responsible for getting the first absinthe back into America in 2007.
9. Pernod was the very first absinthe.
10. Historic partaking of absinthe does not include setting anything on fire.

2012 Sweet Sixteen Tour

The Swirl Wine Bar in ClevelandMore touring, its a tough job but someone has to take one for the team. I'm up to it LOL This is a new winebar, again all in the name Swirl automatically you know what that means. We waited here for our reservation at Harvest.

It's divided in two parts a happening bar and very intimate lounge area furnished tastefully with fireplace, soft leather couches, tables for two, hardwood floor and deck, weather permitting. The menu is light apps that will hold you until your table is ready at Harvest. Thats what I call team work...You guessed it ! We will go back!

The Harvest Kitchen & LoungeContinuing on my sweet sixteen tour, here is a new resturant in Solon, Ohio I visited. It has a great name,menu and atmosphere. I ordered a  rosemary cucumber martini. It had eye appeal but I wasnt crazy about the taste combination of cucumbers and rosemary. However the food and service were quite tasty. I will certainly go here again.

Cleveland Bartending School Instructor Competes in Comedy Show

Milton of Cleveland Bartending SchoolOur very own Instructor Milton Wyley is competing in the Comedy Festival Stand Up Show. He will be competing against 36 other qualifiers. Visit for more details.

August News

Summer is coming to an end (where did the time go?!).  In the month of August across the country, we had record-high temperatures, an earthquake, a hurricane and brush fires.  Our thoughts go out to all those affected by this.

Here in Cleveland, some of our grads have found successful employment, including:

  • Bonnie R. and Kristie S. used our nationwide job placement program to get jobs.  Bonnie is in Hollywood, CA and Kristie is in Dayton, OH.
  • Paul V. now works at the Chocolate Bar in Downtown Cleveland.
  • Laura F. is showing off her newly-acquired bartending skills at Melange, an upscale restaurant.
  • Elizabeth E. just got hired at Sam & Tommy's in Painesville, OH.
  • Jessica D. and Chris S. recently worked a wedding reception, each earning $240 for six hours of bartending.  Not too shabby!
  • Vickie R. is opening a restaurant in one of Toledo's historical hotels, The Registry.

Congratulations and best wishes to all of our graduates!

Britni Gets Placed in Maryland

Britni Is Now Bartending In MarylandThis message came in from Britni, a recent Cleveland Bartending School Graduate, who just finished the course last week!
I just got placed through the Maryland Bartending Academy in Glen Burnie, MD. I visited the school yesterday for placement information and start training today =)

Bartending For A Cause

Milton Bartending At A BenefitGood job Milton! Milton is our Cleveland Bartending School instructor. He is seen here working a private event, The Sickle Cell Anemia benefit on Sunday. Bartending for a cause what could be better!

A Note From Cleveland Graduate - Captain TN

Hello Gents!

Captain T.N. Bartending At Progressive FieldJust a little note to let you know that I started a bartending position at Progressive Field on June 29, 2011.

I am located at what is called the "HOT CORNER BAR" #176. It is the first bar on the right hand side as you enter the gates across from Quicken Loans Arena on the Ontario side.

I have also placed an application at the Cleveland Browns Stadium, and I plan to do the same at Quicken Loans when they start accepting them.

THANK ALL OF YOU for your continued support. I have really enjoyed the training and the instructors.

A very special thanks to Milton!!!!!!!

 Capt. T.N.

April News

It’s hard to believe that March is already over! It was another busy month for us at the Cleveland Bartending School. Here are some highlites: